Frequently Asked Questions

You have question we have answers

What if I have never used a platform?

That is awesome! Just schedule a call with us and we will get you up and running in a day!

First of all, we will support you throughout the whole onboarding process and help you out with your first operations.

Furthermore, we take care of the whole customization of the platform meaning, you will not have to worry about that.

What if I am using a different platform?

Well, no need to worry our platform has been built to be able to connect with any other platform, so that you can just integrate VC.Land within your workflow and only take advantage of all those features that you are interested in.

If on the other hand, you are thinking about using only VC.Land, well even better! You can upload all your data to the platform by simply uploading an excel and start working in as little as 24 hours!

Is there any limit in the number of users or funds I can manage in the platform?

No, our pricing does not depend on the number of users you create or funds that you manage. The pricing depends on the features of VC.Land you would like to use. 

What is included in the pricing beside the access to the platform?

We will assist you throughout the whole onboarding process and offer you full support during your first operations with the platform (capital calls, reporting and so on). Just fill in an excel and we take care of the rest.

Furthermore, we will customize the platform with your logo, domain name, email address and prepare all your document templates so that you can start generating them automatically from day one.